Skating Coach

Keegan grew up in a very skating oriented household. His Parents are both very experienced figure skating coach’s with over 35 years experience, Keegan’s sister is a national level ice dancer, but Keegan and his brother decided to follow and build a solid hockey background based on their figure skating roots. Keegans family has run power skating and skating skills clinics for many years for both hockey and figure skating. The Knight family has Worked with anyone from beginner to OHL level hockey players and National level figure skaters. In addition to coaching the purest form of skating, Keegan is a Class A Golf Professional with the PGA of Canada, instructing anyone from beginner to High level university athletes. He is a multi-sport athlete that excels with body movement and how that applies to sport. In both his playing and instructing careers. He focuses on attention to detail which is what allows good athletes to become great, whether its golf, hockey or any sport. Keegan says his philosophy and goals of teaching skating is to teach the basics down to the final detail, to maximize the efficiency of every movement. It is the finer details that help create the speed and power to win the important puck races that are so valuable. Keegan knows how to transfer the fundamentals of figure skating to our game of hockey. We are so excited to have him help project ice kids.